Multiple 0017.003

Highly respected designer Erik Spiekermann knows: what man doesn't love the satisfaction of measuring up, making calculations and doing repairs? And what wife doesn't occasionally ask her husband for help? If you're caught without a ruler to hand, you can use Erik Spiekermann's scarves and foulards to measure up on the go - in the most visually charming and stylish of ways!

This product bears the seal with the number 0017.003. The first four digits tell you the number of the edition. The last three digits represent the unique design.

Edition: 0017 - Erik Spiekermann
Material: 70% Cotton, 30% Silk
Format: Medium Scarf, 160 x 40 cm
Colours: Orange, green, orange, yellow
Hem: plain hem
Care: hand wash
Story: Erik Spiekermann: The Measure of Things
Designer: Erik Spiekermann
Prod. code.: 0017.003


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