Unique 0010.037

Una and Mono surprise a chummy artist in his New Yorker atelier at work. They discover that not only his finished work, but also the process of its creation is fascinating for them. The brush strokes of the minimalistic paintings are his frozen movements while painting. The edition shows motives in the format one by two. It comprises several designs, each shown in various colours.

This product bears the seal with the number 0010.037. The first four digits tell you the number of the edition. The last three digits represent the unique design.

Edition: 0010 - David Kuntzsch
Material: 100% silk twill
Format: large scarf, 190 x 95 cm
Colours: purple, red, rose
Hem: hand-rolled
Care: dry clean
Story: David Kuntzsch: Frozen movement
Designer: David Kuntzsch
Prod. code.: 0010.037


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