Unique 0003.049

When two people meet, everything may change from one moment to the next. They travelled to Hong Kong without knowing each other, and here their lives begin to interweave: Una meets Mono!

The straight layout of the graphic designer Mariko Takagi shines perfectly on the high-quality silk twill.And as sometimes two life stories turn into one, the typographic elements of editions Una and Mono are united at this third edition. With some uniques, two elements are combined. With others three, four, five or even all six elements are skilfully arranged to an exciting design.

This product bears the seal with the number 0003.049. The first four digits tell you the number of the edition. The last three digits represent the unique design.

Edition: 0003 - Mariko Takagi
Material: 100% silk twill
Format: slim scarf, 190 x 65 cm
Colours: blue, green, turquoise, white, yellow
Hem: hand-rolled
Care: dry clean
Story: Mariko Takagi: Una meets Mono
Designer: Mariko Takagi
Prod. code.: 0003.049


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