Multiple 0004.111

Only a place and a time Una and Mono have set. They want to meet again, at another place, to another time. After their random encounter in Hong Kong the first real date. Will there dreams become true? For the reunion, the illustrator Rafael Alvarez has chosen the place he has lived for the last couple of years: New York. With works for The New York Times, S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung and other well-known media, Rafael Alvarez already gave proof of his extraordinary talent. He captures the eventful evening of Una and Mono on a large scarf in 190 x 95 cm: dinner in the hippest brasserie in Downtown. With this edition, the scarves vary in colour and some of the elements are rearranged.

This product bears the seal with the number 0004.111. The first four digits tell you the number of the edition. The last three digits represent the unique design.

Edition: 0004 - Rafael Alvarez
Material: 70% Cotton, 30% Silk
Colours: black, blue, brown, grey, pink
Hem: plain hem
Care: hand wash
Story: Rafael Alvarez: If we can make it there…
Designer: Rafael Alvarez
Prod. code.: 0004.111


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