Multiple 0009.148

Is it a travel into the past? A dream? Or an incredible thought-construct? Whereto brought it Una and Mono? The Vienna based Canadian illustrator Peter Diamond is colourfully resurrecting the Vienna Secession. After all confusion, Una and Mono finally find each other in the poppy field at Vienna’s Karlsplatz in the heart of the first district. The motif varies in colour and image section. With great attention to detail, Peter Diamond carries off Una and Mono into this fantastic sea of poppy. His illustration has a very special handwriting, captured on a splendid foulard.

This product bears the seal with the number 0009.148. The first four digits tell you the number of the edition. The last three digits represent the unique design.

Edition: 0009 - Peter Diamond
Material: 70% Cotton, 30% Silk
Format: large square, 130 x 130 cm
Colours: blue, red, turquoise
Hem: plain hem
Care: hand wash
Story: Peter Diamond: Secession from the real
Designer: Peter Diamond
Prod. code.: 0009.148


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